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[Volver] Parent Directory - [Fichero PDF] 1.1 defining data.pdf 157K [VID] 1. How to define data in assembly programming.mp4 324M [VID] 2. Understanding memory indexing of defined data in assembly programming.mp4 344M [VID] 3. GDB settings for debugging our assembly programs.mp4 30M [   ] 4.1 mov_data.asm 223 [VID] 4. How to use mov instruction to move data in assembly programs.mp4 267M [VID] 5. Moving data from memory into registers in assembly programming.mp4 305M [VID] 6. Moving data from register to memory in assembly.mp4 249M [VID] 7. Moving values from one register to another register in assembly.mp4 108M [VID] 8. Moving data into small memory units of registers in assembly programming.mp4 198M [VID] 9. Moving array data into registers in assembly programming.mp4 164M [VID] 10. Moving word and dword values into registers in assembly.mp4 232M [VID] 11. Moving character bytes in different sizes into registers in assembly.mp4 379M