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[Volver] Parent Directory - [TXT] 1.1 GDB peda plugin website.html 91 [VID] 1. Installing gdb peda plugin to speed up debugging process.mp4 44M [VID] 2. Understanding stack memory workings.mp4 16M [TXT] 3.1 3_push_pop.asm 349 [VID] 3. Understanding push and pop instructions in assembly.mp4 346M [Fichero PDF] 4.1 Stack frames.pdf 33K [VID] 4. Understanding stack frame in assembly.mp4 215M [TXT] 5.1 5_stack_frame.asm 479 [VID] 5. Creating stack frames in an assembly program.mp4 373M [VID] 6. Function working basics in assembly programs.mp4 11M [TXT] 7.1 7 function.asm 494 [VID] 7. Using functions in assembly program.mp4 381M [TXT] 8.1 8_add.asm.txt 512 [VID] 8. Passing input parameters to functions in assembly programming.mp4 488M