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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Basic commands.mp4 51M [VID] 2. Upload and Download.mp4 31M [VID] 3. PowerView.ps1.mp4 52M [VID] 4. Build SharpSploit - Enumeration.mp4 56M [VID] 5. User, Group, and Network.mp4 5.6M [VID] 6. OS, AV, and Configuration.mp4 10M [VID] 7. Tools - Local Priv Esc.mp4 12M [VID] 8. Sherlock and Watson.mp4 37M [VID] 9. CVE-2019-1388.mp4 57M [VID] 10. SEImpersonate.mp4 44M [VID] 11. Unquoted Service Path.mp4 119M