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[Volver] Parent Directory - [TXT] 1.1 You can get all of the transcripts of the video in Github.html 97 [VID] 1. Introduction.mp4 1.1M [VID] 2. let.mp4 6.8M [VID] 3. Let in for loops.mp4 3.9M [VID] 4. Let Gotchas.mp4 5.7M [VID] 5. Default Parameters.mp4 7.2M [VID] 6. Expressions As Default Values.mp4 7.2M [VID] 7. Rest Operator.mp4 8.6M [VID] 8. Spread Operator.mp4 5.4M [VID] 9. Arrow Functions.mp4 8.0M [VID] 10. Binding Of This With Arrow Functions.mp4 9.4M [VID] 12. Object Destructuring.mp4 6.4M [VID] 13. Adding Functions To An Object.mp4 1.9M [VID] 14. Template Strings.mp4 6.3M [VID] 15. Object.assign.mp4 13M [VID] 17. For of loop.mp4 3.4M [VID] 18. Array.find.mp4 4.5M [VID] 20. WeakMaps.mp4 5.9M [VID] 22. Iterating Maps With for..of.mp4 2.5M [VID] 23. Plain Objects And The for..of loop.mp4 4.7M [VID] 24. What Are Sets.mp4 4.1M [VID] 26. WeakSets.mp4 4.6M [VID] 30. ES6 Class Inheritance.mp4 8.0M [VID] 31. Callback Problem.mp4 8.6M [VID] 32. Promise Concepts.mp4 3.8M [VID] 33. Promises In Action I.mp4 5.5M [VID] 34. Promises In Action II.mp4 5.6M [VID] 36. Run Multiple Promises At Once.mp4 6.8M [VID] 37. Import As Object And Export All At Once.mp4 5.6M [VID] 38. Setup.mp4 5.7M [VID] 39. Setup Part 2.mp4 3.0M [VID] 40. Named Exports.mp4 6.2M [VID] 41. Default Export.mp4 5.7M [VID] 42. Default Export And Named Export With Classes.mp4 5.1M [VID] 43. Points To Note On ES6 Modules.mp4 7.5M