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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Introduction to Middlewares.mp4 9.1M [TXT] 001 Introduction to Middlewares_en.srt 5.1K [VID] 002 The Purpose of Redux Promise.mp4 43M [TXT] 002 The Purpose of Redux Promise_en.srt 17K [VID] 003 How Async Middlewares Work.mp4 34M [TXT] 003 How Async Middlewares Work_en.srt 17K [VID] 004 Crazy Middleware Syntax.mp4 26M [TXT] 004 Crazy Middleware Syntax_en.srt 16K [VID] 005 Forwarding Actions.mp4 10M [TXT] 005 Forwarding Actions_en.srt 7.5K [VID] 006 Waiting for Promise Resolution.mp4 50M [TXT] 006 Waiting for Promise Resolution_en.srt 11K [VID] 007 Observing the Middleware.mp4 68M [TXT] 007 Observing the Middleware_en.srt 13K [VID] 008 State Validation Middleware.mp4 18M [TXT] 008 State Validation Middleware_en.srt 8.7K [VID] 009 JSON Schema.mp4 18M [TXT] 009 JSON Schema_en.srt 9.4K [VID] 010 Generating JSON Schema.mp4 15M [TXT] 010 Generating JSON Schema_en.srt 8.0K [VID] 011 Middleware Creation.mp4 49M [TXT] 011 Middleware Creation_en.srt 11K [VID] 012 Emitting Warnings.mp4 21M [TXT] 012 Emitting Warnings_en.srt 11K