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[Volver] Parent Directory - [TXT] 001 Note on the Following Lectures.html 392 [TXT] 002 Note.html 201 [VID] 003 Project Setup.mp4 28M [TXT] 003 Project Setup_en.srt 5.8K [VID] 004 A First Spec.mp4 43M [TXT] 004 A First Spec_en.srt 23K [VID] 005 Core Testing - Describe, It, Expect.mp4 59M [TXT] 005 Core Testing - Describe, It, Expect_en.srt 18K [VID] 006 Test Reporting.mp4 15M [TXT] 006 Test Reporting_en.srt 7.2K [VID] 007 Feature Mockups.mp4 24M [TXT] 007 Feature Mockups_en.srt 12K [VID] 008 Test Structure Setup.mp4 47M [TXT] 008 Test Structure Setup_en.srt 11K [VID] 009 Comment Box Tests.mp4 50M [TXT] 009 Comment Box Tests_en.srt 14K [VID] 010 Testing Class Names.mp4 54M [TXT] 010 Testing Class Names_en.srt 13K [VID] 011 Using beforeEach to Condense Tests.mp4 25M [TXT] 011 Using beforeEach to Condense Tests_en.srt 11K [VID] 012 Expecting Child Elements.mp4 17M [TXT] 012 Expecting Child Elements_en.srt 8.7K [VID] 013 Simulating Events.mp4 21M [TXT] 013 Simulating Events_en.srt 12K [VID] 014 Testing Controlled Components.mp4 52M [TXT] 014 Testing Controlled Components_en.srt 12K [VID] 015 Form Submit Event.mp4 26M [TXT] 015 Form Submit Event_en.srt 14K [VID] 016 Stub Comment List.mp4 32M [TXT] 016 Stub Comment List_en.srt 11K [VID] 017 Expectations on Content.mp4 45M [TXT] 017 Expectations on Content_en.srt 13K [VID] 018 Assertions with Lists.mp4 37M [   ] 018 Assertions with Lists_en.srt 10K [VID] 019 Testing Action Creators.mp4 30M [TXT] 019 Testing Action Creators_en.srt 14K [VID] 020 Action Creator Shortcuts.mp4 17M [TXT] 020 Action Creator Shortcuts_en.srt 7.5K [VID] 021 TDD Comments Reducer.mp4 80M [TXT] 021 TDD Comments Reducer_en.srt 20K [VID] 022 Spec Failures After Code Change.mp4 15M [TXT] 022 Spec Failures After Code Change_en.srt 6.0K [VID] 023 Purpose of Chai and Mocha.mp4 46M [TXT] 023 Purpose of Chai and Mocha_en.srt 9.9K [VID] 024 App Review.mp4 20M [TXT] 024 App Review_en.srt 5.0K [VID] 025 Test Helper From Scratch.mp4 13M [TXT] 025 Test Helper From Scratch_en.srt 4.8K [VID] 026 JSDom Setup.mp4 56M [TXT] 026 JSDom Setup_en.srt 12K [VID] 027 More JSDom Setup.mp4 33M [TXT] 027 More JSDom Setup_en.srt 10K [VID] 028 TestUtils Library.mp4 36M [TXT] 028 TestUtils Library_en.srt 14K [VID] 029 Defining RenderComponent.mp4 84M [TXT] 029 Defining RenderComponent_en.srt 13K [VID] 030 Finishing RenderComponent Helper.mp4 46M [TXT] 030 Finishing RenderComponent Helper_en.srt 9.1K [VID] 031 Simulate Helper.mp4 40M [TXT] 031 Simulate Helper_en.srt 12K [VID] 032 Test Helper Review.mp4 31M [TXT] 032 Test Helper Review_en.srt 5.8K [VID] 033 What is a Higher Order Component.mp4 10M [   ] 033 What is a Higher Order Component_en.srt 5.3K [VID] 034 Connect and Provider.mp4 14M [TXT] 034 Connect and Provider_en.srt 11K [VID] 035 Authentication HOC Overview.mp4 12M [TXT] 035 Authentication HOC Overview_en.srt 8.2K [VID] 036 Header Setup.mp4 34M [TXT] 036 Header Setup_en.srt 12K [VID] 037 React Router Setup.mp4 24M [TXT] 037 React Router Setup_en.srt 13K [VID] 038 Authentication Reducer.mp4 34M [TXT] 038 Authentication Reducer_en.srt 11K [VID] 039 Action Creator Hookup.mp4 47M [TXT] 039 Action Creator Hookup_en.srt 14K [VID] 040 Authentication Higher Order Component.mp4 15M [TXT] 040 Authentication Higher Order Component_en.srt 8.8K [VID] 041 HOC Scaffold Code.mp4 26M [TXT] 041 HOC Scaffold Code_en.srt 17K [VID] 042 Nesting Higher Order Components.mp4 17M [TXT] 042 Nesting Higher Order Components_en.srt 7.9K [VID] 043 Accessing React Router on Context.mp4 23M [TXT] 043 Accessing React Router on Context_en.srt 10K [VID] 044 Class Level Properties.mp4 10M [TXT] 044 Class Level Properties_en.srt 3.9K [VID] 045 Handling HOC Edge Cases.mp4 31M [TXT] 045 Handling HOC Edge Cases_en.srt 9.3K [VID] 046 Higher Order Components Review.mp4 14M [TXT] 046 Higher Order Components Review_en.srt 6.0K [VID] 047 Middleware Overview.mp4 20M [TXT] 047 Middleware Overview_en.srt 6.1K [VID] 048 App Building Plan.mp4 8.7M [TXT] 048 App Building Plan_en.srt 8.8K [VID] 049 Users Reducer.mp4 14M [TXT] 049 Users Reducer_en.srt 6.8K [VID] 050 Static Users Action Creator.mp4 5.9M [TXT] 050 Static Users Action Creator_en.srt 3.9K [VID] 051 Rendering a List of Users.mp4 21M [TXT] 051 Rendering a List of Users_en.srt 12K [VID] 052 CSS Cleanup.mp4 15M [TXT] 052 CSS Cleanup_en.srt 7.2K [VID] 053 Pains Without Middleware.mp4 31M [TXT] 053 Pains Without Middleware_en.srt 13K [VID] 054 Middleware Stack.mp4 11M [TXT] 054 Middleware Stack_en.srt 9.2K [VID] 055 Middleware Internals.mp4 41M [TXT] 055 Middleware Internals_en.srt 14K [VID] 056 Handling Unrelated Actions.mp4 16M [TXT] 056 Handling Unrelated Actions_en.srt 9.6K [VID] 057 Handling Promises.mp4 47M [TXT] 057 Handling Promises_en.srt 15K [VID] 058 Middleware Review.mp4 24M [TXT] 058 Middleware Review_en.srt 12K [VID] 059 Client Setup.mp4 6.2M [TXT] 059 Client Setup_en.srt 4.7K [VID] 060 App Architecture.mp4 21M [TXT] 060 App Architecture_en.srt 10K [VID] 061 Component and State Design.mp4 61M [TXT] 061 Component and State Design_en.srt 14K [VID] 062 Header Component.mp4 15M [TXT] 062 Header Component_en.srt 7.6K [VID] 063 Scaffolding the Signin Form.mp4 39M [TXT] 063 Scaffolding the Signin Form_en.srt 17K [VID] 064 Adding Signin Form.mp4 38M [TXT] 064 Adding Signin Form_en.srt 9.6K [VID] 065 Action Creator with Many Responsibilities.mp4 21M [TXT] 065 Action Creator with Many Responsibilities_en.srt 16K [VID] 066 Introducing Redux Thunk.mp4 28M [TXT] 066 Introducing Redux Thunk_en.srt 13K [VID] 067 Signin Action Creator.mp4 79M [TXT] 067 Signin Action Creator_en.srt 17K [VID] 068 CORS In a Nutshell.mp4 75M [TXT] 068 CORS In a Nutshell_en.srt 15K [VID] 069 Serverside Solution for CORS.mp4 38M [TXT] 069 Serverside Solution for CORS_en.srt 11K [VID] 070 Programmatic Navigation.mp4 31M [TXT] 070 Programmatic Navigation_en.srt 13K [VID] 071 Updating Auth State.mp4 21M [TXT] 071 Updating Auth State_en.srt 12K [VID] 072 Breather and Review.mp4 48M [TXT] 072 Breather and Review_en.srt 11K [VID] 073 LocalStorage and JWT.mp4 48M [TXT] 073 LocalStorage and JWT_en.srt 11K [VID] 074 Auth Error Messaging.mp4 20M [TXT] 074 Auth Error Messaging_en.srt 8.1K [VID] 075 Displaying Errors.mp4 20M [TXT] 075 Displaying Errors_en.srt 7.8K [VID] 076 Header Logic.mp4 43M [TXT] 076 Header Logic_en.srt 17K [VID] 077 Signout Component.mp4 22M [TXT] 077 Signout Component_en.srt 9.9K [VID] 078 Signout Action Creator.mp4 35M [TXT] 078 Signout Action Creator_en.srt 9.6K [VID] 079 Signup Component.mp4 14M [TXT] 079 Signup Component_en.srt 7.2K [VID] 080 Signup Form Scaffolding.mp4 34M [TXT] 080 Signup Form Scaffolding_en.srt 14K [VID] 081 Redux Form Validation.mp4 16M [TXT] 081 Redux Form Validation_en.srt 8.1K [VID] 082 Implementing Validation Logic.mp4 39M [TXT] 082 Implementing Validation Logic_en.srt 17K [VID] 083 More On Validation.mp4 26M [TXT] 083 More On Validation_en.srt 9.3K [VID] 084 Signup Action Creator.mp4 62M [TXT] 084 Signup Action Creator_en.srt 13K [VID] 085 Finish Up Signup.mp4 78M [TXT] 085 Finish Up Signup_en.srt 16K [VID] 086 Securing Individual Routes.mp4 69M [TXT] 086 Securing Individual Routes_en.srt 18K [VID] 087 Root IndexRoute.mp4 8.9M [TXT] 087 Root IndexRoute_en.srt 4.5K [VID] 088 Automatically Authenticating Users.mp4 33M [TXT] 088 Automatically Authenticating Users_en.srt 13K [VID] 089 Making Authenticated API Requests.mp4 45M [TXT] 089 Making Authenticated API Requests_en.srt 15K [VID] 090 Handling Data from Authenticated Requests.mp4 23M [TXT] 090 Handling Data from Authenticated Requests_en.srt 8.2K [VID] 091 Authentication Wrapup.mp4 26M [TXT] 091 Authentication Wrapup_en.srt 6.9K