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[Volver] Parent Directory - [TXT] 001 FAQ for Android Studio 3.3.html 3.1K [VID] 002 Kotlin Tutorial Setup.mp4 82M [TXT] 002 Kotlin Tutorial Setup_en.srt 21K [VID] 003 Kotlin Tutorial 1.mp4 36M [TXT] 003 Kotlin Tutorial 1_en.srt 18K [VID] 004 Variables and Types.mp4 49M [TXT] 004 Variables and Types_en.srt 13K [VID] 005 More on Variables and Types.mp4 56M [TXT] 005 More on Variables and Types_en.srt 21K [VID] 006 String Concatenation and Interpolation.mp4 112M [TXT] 006 String Concatenation and Interpolation_en.srt 22K [VID] 007 val and var and more on Declarations.mp4 56M [TXT] 007 val and var and more on Declarations_en.srt 19K [VID] 008 Conditions.mp4 77M [TXT] 008 Conditions_en.srt 33K [VID] 009 Classes.mp4 75M [TXT] 009 Classes_en.srt 34K [VID] 010 Objects and Instances.mp4 68M [TXT] 010 Objects and Instances_en.srt 26K [VID] 011 Challenge.mp4 34M [TXT] 011 Challenge_en.srt 12K [VID] 012 Lists.mp4 47M [TXT] 012 Lists_en.srt 20K [VID] 013 More on Lists.mp4 60M [TXT] 013 More on Lists_en.srt 22K [VID] 014 toString Challenge.mp4 22M [TXT] 014 toString Challenge_en.srt 7.8K [VID] 015 for Loops.mp4 66M [TXT] 015 for Loops_en.srt 22K [VID] 016 for Encapsulation and Private Properties.mp4 71M [TXT] 016 for Encapsulation and Private Properties_en.srt 21K [VID] 017 Overloading Functions.mp4 44M [TXT] 017 Overloading Functions_en.srt 16K [VID] 018 Inheritance.mp4 56M [TXT] 018 Inheritance_en.srt 24K [VID] 019 More on Inheritance.mp4 58M [TXT] 019 More on Inheritance_en.srt 17K [VID] 020 Inheritance Continued.mp4 44M [TXT] 020 Inheritance Continued_en.srt 17K [VID] 021 Further Inheritance.mp4 50M [TXT] 021 Further Inheritance_en.srt 17K [VID] 022 while Loops.mp4 79M [TXT] 022 while Loops_en.srt 27K [VID] 023 for Loop Revisited.mp4 79M [TXT] 023 for Loop Revisited_en.srt 16K [VID] 024 do while Loop.mp4 31M [TXT] 024 do while Loop_en.srt 9.4K [VID] 025 Loop Challenge.mp4 93M [TXT] 025 Loop Challenge_en.srt 22K [   ] [CourseClub.Me].url 122 [   ] [GigaCourse.Com].url 49 [TXT] external-assets-links.txt 3.2K