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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Introduction.mp4 26M [TXT] 001 Introduction_en.srt 4.5K [VID] 002 Setup Play Project.mp4 74M [TXT] 002 Setup Play Project_en.srt 23K [VID] 003 The Constraint Layout.mp4 59M [TXT] 003 The Constraint Layout_en.srt 40K [VID] 004 Constraints and Resizing.mp4 76M [TXT] 004 Constraints and Resizing_en.srt 31K [VID] 005 Positioning Widgets.mp4 23M [TXT] 005 Positioning Widgets_en.srt 14K [VID] 006 Inner Lines within a Widget.mp4 48M [TXT] 006 Inner Lines within a Widget_en.srt 14K [VID] 007 Layouts on Different Devices.mp4 17M [TXT] 007 Layouts on Different Devices_en.srt 20K [VID] 008 More on the Constraints.mp4 56M [TXT] 008 More on the Constraints_en.srt 25K [TXT] 009 Layout Designer rendering error.html 3.0K [TXT] 010 FAQ_ Baseline Constraints change.html 282 [VID] 011 Baseline Constraints.mp4 37M [TXT] 011 Baseline Constraints_en.srt 20K [VID] 012 Constraining Widgets.mp4 31M [TXT] 012 Constraining Widgets_en.srt 11K [VID] 013 Add Scrolling Capabilities.mp4 25M [TXT] 013 Add Scrolling Capabilities_en.srt 27K [VID] 014 The Button Counter App.mp4 82M [TXT] 014 The Button Counter App_en.srt 29K [VID] 015 Finish Layout.mp4 74M [TXT] 015 Finish Layout_en.srt 24K [VID] 016 Coding Button Counter App.mp4 70M [TXT] 016 Coding Button Counter App_en.srt 29K [VID] 017 findViewById and r Class.mp4 70M [TXT] 017 findViewById and r Class_en.srt 24K [VID] 018 Events and setonclicklistener.mp4 14M [TXT] 018 Events and setonclicklistener_en.srt 15K [VID] 019 Testing and Challenge Time.mp4 84M [TXT] 019 Testing and Challenge Time_en.srt 29K [VID] 020 Extending the Button App.mp4 77M [TXT] 020 Extending the Button App_en.srt 21K [VID] 021 Testing and Challenge.mp4 20M [TXT] 021 Testing and Challenge_en.srt 13K [VID] 022 Fixing Kotlin Gradle Issues.mp4 34M [TXT] 022 Fixing Kotlin Gradle Issues_en.srt 7.6K [VID] 023 The Activity Lifecycle.mp4 98M [TXT] 023 The Activity Lifecycle_en.srt 29K [VID] 024 The Logcat Pane.mp4 68M [TXT] 024 The Logcat Pane_en.srt 18K [VID] 025 Logging the Activity Lifecycle.mp4 59M [TXT] 025 Logging the Activity Lifecycle_en.srt 18K [VID] 026 Activity Lifecycle in Action.mp4 32M [TXT] 026 Activity Lifecycle in Action_en.srt 30K [VID] 027 Saving and Restoring Instance State.mp4 93M [TXT] 027 Saving and Restoring Instance State_en.srt 29K [Fichero comrpimido] 15714634-ButtonClickCounter.zip 142K [TXT] external-assets-links.txt 2.4K