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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Demo Calculator App.mp4 31M [TXT] 001 Demo Calculator App_en.srt 9.3K [VID] 002 Calculator Interface Setup.mp4 107M [TXT] 002 Calculator Interface Setup_en.srt 30K [VID] 003 Continue with Interface.mp4 111M [TXT] 003 Continue with Interface_en.srt 27K [VID] 004 Fine Tuning the Layout.mp4 105M [TXT] 004 Fine Tuning the Layout_en.srt 23K [VID] 005 Create Landscape Layout.mp4 58M [TXT] 005 Create Landscape Layout_en.srt 16K [VID] 006 Comparing FIles with Diff.mp4 177M [TXT] 006 Comparing FIles with Diff_en.srt 32K [VID] 007 Comparing Directories.mp4 71M [TXT] 007 Comparing Directories_en.srt 17K [VID] 008 Coding the Calculator.mp4 126M [TXT] 008 Coding the Calculator_en.srt 40K [VID] 009 Add onClickListeners.mp4 57M [TXT] 009 Add onClickListeners_en.srt 12K [VID] 010 Write Perform Operation Function.mp4 99M [TXT] 010 Write Perform Operation Function_en.srt 27K [VID] 011 Bug Fix and Code Improvements.mp4 90M [TXT] 011 Bug Fix and Code Improvements_en.srt 26K [VID] 012 Bug Fix Challlenge and Save State.mp4 104M [TXT] 012 Bug Fix Challlenge and Save State_en.srt 36K [VID] 013 Widget References in Kotlin.mp4 69M [TXT] 013 Widget References in Kotlin_en.srt 12K [VID] 014 Guidelines.mp4 70M [TXT] 014 Guidelines_en.srt 27K [VID] 015 Fixing Landscape Layout.mp4 70M [TXT] 015 Fixing Landscape Layout_en.srt 22K [VID] 016 Add Neg Button to Layout.mp4 54M [TXT] 016 Add Neg Button to Layout_en.srt 14K [VID] 017 Code Changes for Neg Button.mp4 76M [TXT] 017 Code Changes for Neg Button_en.srt 15K [VID] 018 Add Neg Button to Portrait.mp4 111M [TXT] 018 Add Neg Button to Portrait_en.srt 37K [TXT] external-assets-links.txt 2.3K