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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Introduction.mp4 102M [TXT] 001 Introduction_en.srt 21K [VID] 002 AsyncTask.mp4 71M [TXT] 002 AsyncTask_en.srt 28K [VID] 003 Logging and Logcat.mp4 54M [TXT] 003 Logging and Logcat_en.srt 16K [TXT] 004 Important note for API 28 (and higher) and the Top 10 Downloader.html 1.2K [VID] 005 Download the RSS Feed.mp4 52M [TXT] 005 Download the RSS Feed_en.srt 26K [VID] 006 Reading the Data.mp4 149M [TXT] 006 Reading the Data_en.srt 38K [VID] 007 Android Permissions.mp4 168M [TXT] 007 Android Permissions_en.srt 38K [VID] 008 Writing Idiomatic Kotlin.mp4 118M [TXT] 008 Writing Idiomatic Kotlin_en.srt 27K [VID] 009 More Idiomatic Kotlin.mp4 45M [TXT] 009 More Idiomatic Kotlin_en.srt 13K [VID] 010 Parsing the Data.mp4 139M [TXT] 010 Parsing the Data_en.srt 33K [VID] 011 Create Xml Parse Function.mp4 122M [TXT] 011 Create Xml Parse Function_en.srt 25K [VID] 012 Testing the App.mp4 97M [TXT] 012 Testing the App_en.srt 19K [VID] 013 ListView and ArrayAdapter.mp4 61M [TXT] 013 ListView and ArrayAdapter_en.srt 24K [VID] 014 Code Changes for Array Adapter.mp4 134M [TXT] 014 Code Changes for Array Adapter_en.srt 31K [VID] 015 onDestroy and Asynctask.mp4 62M [TXT] 015 onDestroy and Asynctask_en.srt 14K [VID] 016 Create Custom Adapter.mp4 48M [TXT] 016 Create Custom Adapter_en.srt 20K [VID] 017 Custom Adapter Code.mp4 57M [TXT] 017 Custom Adapter Code_en.srt 30K [VID] 018 Improving the Adapter.mp4 121M [TXT] 018 Improving the Adapter_en.srt 24K [VID] 019 ViewHolder Pattern.mp4 78M [TXT] 019 ViewHolder Pattern_en.srt 22K [VID] 020 Adding a Menu - Layout.mp4 48M [TXT] 020 Adding a Menu - Layout_en.srt 18K [VID] 021 Adding A Menu - Code.mp4 112M [TXT] 021 Adding A Menu - Code_en.srt 29K [VID] 022 Menu Groups - Layout.mp4 33M [TXT] 022 Menu Groups - Layout_en.srt 19K [VID] 023 Menu Groups - Code.mp4 110M [TXT] 023 Menu Groups - Code_en.srt 28K [VID] 024 Challenge Solution.mp4 106M [TXT] 024 Challenge Solution_en.srt 27K [TXT] external-assets-links.txt 4.3K