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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] Intro.Introduction to CCNA Security 640-554 LiveLessons.mp4 6.0M [VID] Lesson-01-1.Initializing a Router to Allow Cisco Configuration Professional.mp4 10M [VID] Lesson-01-2.Defining Communities in CCP and Importing the Configuration from a Router.mp4 13M [VID] Lesson-01-3.Using the CCP Security Audit.mp4 37M [VID] Lesson-01-LO.Objectives.mp4 5.1M [VID] Lesson-02-1.Configuring Network Time Protocol (NTP).mp4 17M [VID] Lesson-02-2.Configuring Syslog Destinations.mp4 8.5M [VID] Lesson-02-3.Creating Users in the Local Database (running-config).mp4 6.8M [VID] Lesson-02-4.Enabling AAA Services.mp4 5.4M [VID] Lesson-02-5.Creating and Assigning Parser Views for Role Based Access Control (RBAC).mp4 42M [VID] Lesson-02-LO.Objectives.mp4 4.3M [VID] Lesson-03-1.Configuring a Router to use TACACS- with Cisco Access Control Server (ACS).mp4 21M [VID] Lesson-03-2.Configuring Device Groups and Identity Groups Within ACS.mp4 23M [VID] Lesson-03-3.Configuring Authorization Policies in ACS.mp4 3.9M [VID] Lesson-03-4.Verifying the Results of ACS Authentication and Authorization at the Router.mp4 16M [VID] Lesson-03-LO.Objectives.mp4 4.4M [VID] Lesson-04-1.Protecting Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) with BPDU Guard.mp4 9.3M [VID] Lesson-04-2.Mitigating CAM Table Overflows Attacks Using Port Security.mp4 19M [VID] Lesson-04-LO.Objectives.mp4 2.4M [VID] Lesson-05-1.Filtering IPv4 Packets on the Router Using Access Control Lists (ACL).mp4 29M [VID] Lesson-05-2.Using Object Groups to Simplify ACL Management.mp4 20M [VID] Lesson-05-3.Filtering IPv6 Traffic.mp4 4.8M [VID] Lesson-05-LO.Objectives.mp4 3.1M [VID] Lesson-06-1.Using CCP to Implement a Zone-Based Firewall (ZBF) on an IOS Router.mp4 37M [VID] Lesson-06-2.Using CCP to Modify and Verify the ZBF Components.mp4 28M [VID] Lesson-06-LO.Objectives.mp4 2.6M [VID] Lesson-07-1.Initializing a 5505 ASA Firewall.mp4 57M [VID] Lesson-07-2.Using ASDM to Configure the Firewall.mp4 28M [VID] Lesson-07-3.Configuring NAT on the ASA.mp4 6.0M [VID] Lesson-07-4.Implementing and Verifying Policy on the ASA.mp4 21M [VID] Lesson-07-LO.Objectives.mp4 2.5M [VID] Lesson-08-1.Installing the IOS-Based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).mp4 25M [VID] Lesson-08-2.Configuring and Verifying IOS-Based IPS.mp4 25M [VID] Lesson-08-LO.Objectives.mp4 3.3M [VID] Lesson-09-1.Using CCP to Create IPsec Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tunnels.mp4 65M [VID] Lesson-09-2.Testing and Verifying IPsec Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels.mp4 50M [VID] Lesson-09-LO.Objectives.mp4 3.2M [VID] Lesson-10-1.Using ASDM to Create the AnyConnect SSL VPN Service.mp4 51M [VID] Lesson-10-2.Using ASDM to Clientless SSL VPN Service.mp4 13M [VID] Lesson-10-LO.Objectives.mp4 2.5M