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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 017-evolucion-repetidores-hubs-bridges-y-switches.mp4 13M [VID] 018-introduccin-a-switching.mp4 14M [VID] 019-la-tabla-de-direcciones-mac.mp4 14M [VID] 020-configuracin-bsica-de-switches-y-comandos-basicos.mp4 31M [VID] 021-cdp.mp4 14M [VID] 022-vlans.mp4 12M [VID] 023-configurar-vlans.mp4 24M [VID] 024-trunking.mp4 15M [VID] 025-lab-configuracion-de-vlans-y-trunks.mp4 37M [VID] 026-vlan-trunking-protocol-vtp.mp4 14M [VID] 027-labintroduccin-a-vtp.mp4 63M [VID] 028-introduccin-a-spanning-tree-protocol-stp.mp4 11M [VID] 029-intervlan-routing-router-on-a-stick.mp4 26M [VID] 030-svi.mp4 27M [VID] 031-switchport-analizer-span.mp4 27M [VID] 032-stackwise.mp4 14M