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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 639 Quick Start 1 GNS3 Lab Setup and IDEs.mp4 71M [VID] 640 Quick Start 2 Telnet Script creation.mp4 115M [VID] 641 Quick Start 3 Telnet Script Test.mp4 60M [VID] 642 Quick Start 4 Telnet to a switch and create VLANs.mp4 80M [VID] 643 Quick Start 5 Loops.mp4 42M [VID] 644 Quick Start 6 PEP8 Python Style Guide.mp4 17M [VID] 645 Quick Start 7 Configure switch VLANs using loops.mp4 75M [VID] 646 Quick start 8 Create a multiple switch network.mp4 65M [VID] 647 Quick Start 9 Open a file of switch IP addresess.mp4 78M [VID] 648 Quick Start 10 Configure multiple switch with a loop.mp4 29M [VID] 649 Quick Start 11 Loops within loops.mp4 66M [VID] 650 Quick Start 12 Backup Network Device Configurations.mp4 61M