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[Volver] Parent Directory - [Fichero comrpimido] 674 GNS3-Campus-Topology.zip 454K [VID] 674 GNS3 Topology Overview.mp4 13M [VID] 675 IOSvL2 Appliance Import.mp4 28M [VID] 676 Switch Hostnames VTP and VLANs Part 1.mp4 54M [VID] 677 Hostnames VTP VLANs Part 2.mp4 82M [VID] 678 IP addressing and ping testing.mp4 78M [VID] 679 Static trunk encapsulation and mode.mp4 43M [VID] 680 Disable DTP and configure access ports.mp4 80M [VID] 681 Ping within a VLAN.mp4 21M [VID] 682 Which ports are trunking and which VLANs are permitted.mp4 27M [VID] 683 CDP Demo Basic discovery.mp4 68M [VID] 684 CDP Demo Disable globally and per interface.mp4 68M [VID] 685 CDP Demo Command Options.mp4 42M [VID] 686 LLDP Demo Discover Linux Servers.mp4 61M [VID] 687 Which ports are blocking.mp4 7.9M [VID] 688 Spanning Tree blocks core switch ports.mp4 14M