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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Windows Processes.mp4 69M [VID] 2. Windows Threads.mp4 17M [VID] 3. Windows Memory Allocation.mp4 47M [VID] 4. Windows Registry.mp4 36M [VID] 5. WMI Windows Management Instrumentation.mp4 33M [VID] 6. Handles and Object Handles.mp4 16M [VID] 7. Windows Services.mp4 55M [VID] 8. Linux Processes.mp4 43M [VID] 9. Linux Forks and Daemons.mp4 21M [VID] 10. Linux Permissions.mp4 68M [VID] 11. Linux Symlinks.mp4 20M [VID] 12. Host-based Intrusion Detection.mp4 66M [VID] 13. Host-based Antimalware and Antivirus.mp4 51M [VID] 14. Host-based Firewall.mp4 50M [VID] 15. Application-level Whitelisting Blacklisting and Sandboxing.mp4 53M [VID] 16. Windows Security Event Logs.mp4 51M [VID] 17. Unix-based Syslog.mp4 29M [VID] 18. Apache Access Logs.mp4 21M