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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. The CIA Triad.mp4 23M [VID] 2. Comparing Security Deployments Part 1_2.mp4 15M [VID] 3. Comparing Security Deployments Part 2_2.mp4 10M [VID] 4. Describing Security Terms Part 1_2.mp4 12M [VID] 5. Describing Security Terms Part 2_2.mp4 24M [VID] 6. Comparing Security Concepts_2.mp4 14M [VID] 7. The Principles of Defense In-Depth Strategy_2.mp4 16M [VID] 8. Comparing Access Control Models_2.mp4 12M [VID] 9. Common Vulnerability Scoring System_2.mp4 19M [VID] 10. The 5 Tuple Isolation Approach and Data Visibility_2.mp4 9.2M [VID] 11. Intro to Vulnerability and Attack Surfaces.mp4 11M [VID] 12. On-Prem and Cloud-Based Vulnerabilities.mp4 79M [VID] 13. Zero-day Attacks13. Zero-day Attacks.mp4 39M [VID] 14. Weak Configurations.mp4 92M [VID] 15. Third-Party Risks.mp4 18M [VID] 16. Lack of Patch Management.mp4 83M [VID] 17. Vulnerability Management.mp4 73M [VID] 18. Quiz and Review.mp4 47M [VID] 19. Intro to Data Types for Security Monitoring.mp4 8.4M [VID] 20. TCPdump Data.mp4 121M [VID] 21. NetFlow Data.mp4 47M [VID] 22. Data from Stateful Firewalls.mp4 80M [VID] 23. Data from Next-gen Firewalls.mp4 52M [VID] 24. IPS and IDS Data.mp4 34M [VID] 25. Data from Security Appliances.mp4 27M [VID] 26. TOR Overview.mp4 68M [VID] 27. Installing Tails.mp4 33M [VID] 28. Steganography.mp4 38M [VID] 29. HTTPS.mp4 78M [VID] 30. Tunneling.mp4 55M [VID] 31. NAT-PAT.mp4 81M [VID] 32. Introduction to Network Attacks.mp4 4.6M [VID] 33. Wireless Attacks.mp4 45M [VID] 34. In-line or On-path Attacks.mp4 49M [VID] 35. Layer 2 attacks.mp4 62M [VID] 36. Domain name system (DNS).mp4 44M [VID] 37. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS).mp4 33M [VID] 38. Malicious code or script execution.mp4 15M [VID] 39. Remediation Options.mp4 42M [VID] 40. Review Quiz.mp4 48M [VID] 41. Introduction to Application Attacks.mp4 4.4M [VID] 42. Injection Attacks.mp4 24M [VID] 43. Cross Site Scripting.mp4 15M [VID] 44. Poorly Written Apps.mp4 41M [VID] 45. Overflow Attack Demo.mp4 39M [VID] 46. Poorly Written App Attack.mp4 22M [VID] 47. Impersonation.mp4 23M [VID] 48. Error Handling Attack.mp4 29M [VID] 49. Additional Application Attacks.mp4 31M [VID] 50. Password Recovery Fail.mp4 26M [VID] 51. Review Quiz.mp4 38M [VID] 52. Introduction to Social Engineering.mp4 16M [VID] 53. Phishing and Related Attacks.mp4 44M [VID] 54. Low Tech Attacks.mp4 42M [VID] 55. Why Social Engineering Works.mp4 31M [VID] 56. The Top Social Engineering Tool.mp4 45M [VID] 57. Identifying a Phishing Email.mp4 62M [VID] 58. Social Engineering Toolkit.mp4 45M [VID] 59. Review Quiz.mp4 33M [VID] 60. Introduction to Cyber Attack Techniques.mp4 3.2M [VID] 61. Malware.mp4 64M [VID] 62. Password Attacks.mp4 47M [VID] 63. Password Attack Example.mp4 61M [VID] 64. Cyber Physical Components.mp4 39M [VID] 65. Adversarial AI.mp4 27M [VID] 66. Supply Chain Security.mp4 13M [VID] 67. Cryptographic Attacks.mp4 28M [VID] 68. Review Quiz.mp4 49M [VID] 69. Intro to Digital Certificates and the PKI.mp4 7.2M [VID] 70. Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Encryption.mp4 91M [VID] 71. Digital Certificates Overview.mp4 35M [VID] 72. Digital Signatures.mp4 87M [VID] 73. Creating an HTTPS Session Key.mp4 51M [VID] 74. Public Key Infrastructure.mp4 65M [VID] 75. Quiz and Review.mp4 28M [VID] 76. Endpoint Security Monitoring Technologies.mp4 29M [VID] 77. Identifying the Role of Attribution.mp4 28M [VID] 78. Comparing Disk Images.mp4 12M [VID] 79. Interpreting Logs.mp4 41M [VID] 80. Analyzing Sandbox Reports.mp4 15M [VID] 81. Windows Processes and Services.mp4 24M [VID] 82. Windows Memory and WMI.mp4 9.7M [VID] 83. Exploring the Windows Registry.mp4 21M [VID] 84. Windows Networking.mp4 20M [VID] 85. Windows File Systems.mp4 13M [VID] 86. Exploring Linux Processes.mp4 13M [VID] 87. Linux File Permissions.mp4 16M [VID] 88. Linux Sudo and Networking.mp4 16M [VID] 89. Introduction to Network Intrusion Analysis.mp4 7.0M [VID] 90. Data Sources.mp4 47M [VID] 91. Event Severity.mp4 34M [VID] 92. PCAP analysis.mp4 78M [VID] 93. Extract files from PCAP.mp4 64M [VID] 94. Regular Expressions.mp4 45M [VID] 95. Information Security Management Concepts.mp4 30M [VID] 96. Discussing Elements of an Incident Response (IR) Plan.mp4 11M [VID] 97. Defining the Incident Response Process.mp4 21M [VID] 98. Mapping Stakeholders to Incident Response (IR) Categories.mp4 7.9M [VID] 99. Exploring the Forensic Evidence Collection Process.mp4 16M [VID] 100. Server Profiling.mp4 26M [VID] 101. Network Profiling.mp4 15M [VID] 102. Identifying Protected Network Data.mp4 14M [VID] 103. The Cyber Kill Chain.mp4 12M [VID] 104. SOC Metrics And Scope Analysis.mp4 12M