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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Data Normalization.mp4 4.1M [TXT] 1. Data Normalization.srt 1.5K [VID] 2. Interpret Common Data Values.mp4 5.9M [TXT] 2. Interpret Common Data Values.srt 1.9K [VID] 3. 5-tuple.mp4 4.7M [TXT] 3. 5-tuple.srt 2.4K [VID] 4. Retrospective Analysis.mp4 3.1M [TXT] 4. Retrospective Analysis.srt 2.0K [VID] 5. Threat Analysis.mp4 7.0M [TXT] 5. Threat Analysis.srt 4.4K [VID] 6. Correlation Rules.mp4 7.1M [TXT] 6. Correlation Rules.srt 5.1K [TXT] 7. Data and Event Analysis.html 151