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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Understanding DNS.mp4 265M [TXT] 1. Understanding DNS.vtt 15K [VID] 2. Applying DNS.mp4 330M [TXT] 2. Applying DNS.vtt 22K [VID] 3. The Hosts File.mp4 45M [TXT] 3. The Hosts File.vtt 4.6K [VID] 4. Net Command.mp4 87M [TXT] 4. Net Command.vtt 9.8K [VID] 5. Windows Name Resolution.mp4 181M [TXT] 5. Windows Name Resolution.vtt 15K [VID] 6. Dynamic DNS.mp4 89M [TXT] 6. Dynamic DNS.vtt 6.4K [VID] 7. DNS Troubleshooting.mp4 192M [TXT] 7. DNS Troubleshooting.vtt 17K [TXT] 8. Network Naming.html 156