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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Telephony Technologies.mp4 190M [TXT] 1. Telephony Technologies.vtt 12K [VID] 2. Optical Carriers.mp4 62M [TXT] 2. Optical Carriers.vtt 3.7K [VID] 3. Packet Switching.mp4 103M [TXT] 3. Packet Switching.vtt 6.0K [VID] 4. Connecting with Dial-up.mp4 84M [TXT] 4. Connecting with Dial-up.vtt 6.0K [VID] 5. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).mp4 95M [TXT] 5. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).vtt 5.0K [VID] 6. Connecting with Cable Modems.mp4 73M [TXT] 6. Connecting with Cable Modems.vtt 5.6K [VID] 7. Connecting with Satellites.mp4 49M [TXT] 7. Connecting with Satellites.vtt 3.1K [VID] 8. ISDN and BPL.mp4 83M [TXT] 8. ISDN and BPL.vtt 83M [VID] 9. Remote Desktop Connectivity.mp4 61M [TXT] 9. Remote Desktop Connectivity.vtt 5.9K [VID] 10. Advanced Remote Control Systems.mp4 102M [TXT] 10. Advanced Remote Control Systems.vtt 11K [TXT] 11. Remote Connectivity.html 156