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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Understanding Frameworks.mp4 15M [TXT] 001 Understanding Frameworks_en.srt 6.6K [   ] 002 Angular-CLI.url 46 [VID] 002 The Angular CLI.mp4 11M [TXT] 002 The Angular CLI_en.srt 5.3K [VID] 003 Creating a New Application.mp4 23M [TXT] 003 Creating a New Application_en.srt 4.7K [VID] 004 Latest Version Of Angular.mp4 14M [TXT] 004 Latest Version Of Angular_en.srt 3.1K [TXT] 005 Web Developer Monthly.html 880 [VID] 006 Starting the server.mp4 10M [TXT] 006 Starting the server_en.srt 7.0K [TXT] 007 Time For TypeScript.html 752 [VID] 008 Reviewing the Configuration Files.mp4 49M [TXT] 008 Reviewing the Configuration Files_en.srt 10K [VID] 009 Main Entry File.mp4 7.3M [TXT] 009 Main Entry File_en.srt 1.9K [VID] 010 AOT Compilation.mp4 9.4M [TXT] 010 AOT Compilation_en.srt 7.0K [VID] 011 Loading a Platform.mp4 6.0M [TXT] 011 Loading a Platform_en.srt 4.1K [VID] 012 Bootstrapping Angular.mp4 7.2M [TXT] 012 Bootstrapping Angular_en.srt 3.7K [VID] 013 Enabling Production Mode.mp4 26M [TXT] 013 Enabling Production Mode_en.srt 6.3K [VID] 014 Understanding Modules.mp4 25M [TXT] 014 Understanding Modules_en.srt 5.5K [VID] 015 Creating Modules.mp4 34M [TXT] 015 Creating Modules_en.srt 7.8K [VID] 016 Understanding Components.mp4 3.4M [TXT] 016 Understanding Components_en.srt 2.5K [VID] 017 Creating Components.mp4 16M [TXT] 017 Creating Components_en.srt 7.5K [VID] 018 External Templates and Styles.mp4 14M [TXT] 018 External Templates and Styles_en.srt 7.6K [VID] 019 Everything else.mp4 20M [TXT] 019 Everything else_en.srt 4.8K [Fichero comrpimido] 019 section-3-16-COMPLETE.zip 10K [TXT] 020 LinkedIn Endorsements.html 1.4K [TXT] external-links.txt 43