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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Working With Files In Python.mp4 47M [TXT] 1. Working With Files In Python.srt 10K [VID] 2. Read, Write, Append.mp4 56M [TXT] 2. Read, Write, Append.srt 8.3K [TXT] 3.1 Pathlib.html 107 [VID] 3. File Paths.mp4 52M [TXT] 3. File Paths.srt 7.8K [VID] 4. File IO Errors.mp4 15M [TXT] 4. File IO Errors.srt 2.6K [VID] 5. Exercise Translator.mp4 84M [TXT] 5. Exercise Translator.srt 13K [TXT] 6. Next Steps.html 834