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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Website Penetration Testing Theory.mp4 35M [VID] 002 HTTP Request _ Response.mp4 31M [VID] 003 Information Gathering _ Dirb Tool.mp4 66M [VID] 004 Burpsuite Configuration.mp4 61M [VID] 005 ShellShock Exploitation.mp4 83M [VID] 006 Command Injection Exploitation.mp4 79M [VID] 007 Getting Meterpreter Shell With Command Execution.mp4 53M [TXT] 007 Getting Meterpreter Shell With Command Execution_en.srt 12K [VID] 008 Reflected XSS _ Cookie Stealing.mp4 105M [VID] 009 Stored XSS.mp4 64M [VID] 010 HTML Injection.mp4 28M [VID] 011 SQL Injection.mp4 142M [VID] 012 CSRF Vulnerability.mp4 98M [VID] 013 Hydra Bruteforce Attack Example 1.mp4 57M [VID] 014 Hydra Bruteforce Attack Example 2.mp4 62M [VID] 015 Burpsuite Intruder.mp4 37M