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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1.Welcome To Hands On Hacking hide01.ir.mp4 9.7M [TXT] 1.Welcome To Hands On Hacking hide01.ir.vtt 1.5K [VID] 2.Ethics & Legalities.mp4 43M [TXT] 2.Ethics & Legalities.vtt 31K [VID] 3.Open Source Intelligence Theory.mp4 40M [TXT] 3.Open Source Intelligence Theory.vtt 25K [VID] 4.Open Source Intelligence Practical.mp4 129M [TXT] 4.Open Source Intelligence Practical.vtt 56K [TXT] 5.DNS & Domain Hacking Theory.vtt 56K [VID] 5.Dns & Domain Hacking Theory.mp4 72M [TXT] 6.DNS & Domain Hacking Practical.vtt 62K [VID] 6.Dns & Domain Hacking Practical.mp4 161M [VID] 7.E-Mail Attacks And Infrastructure Theory.mp4 39M [TXT] 7.E-Mail Attacks And infrastructure Theory.vtt 25K [VID] 8.E-Mail Attacks And Infrastructure Practical.mp4 179M [TXT] 8.E-Mail Attacks And infrastructure Practical.vtt 92K [VID] 9.Web Server Hacking Theory.mp4 72M [TXT] 9.Web Server Hacking Theory.vtt 56K [VID] 10.Web Server Hacking Practical.mp4 321M [TXT] 10.Web Server Hacking Practical.vtt 141K [TXT] 11.VPN Attacks Theory.vtt 26K [VID] 11.Vpn Attacks Theory.mp4 37M [TXT] 12.VPN Attacks Practical.vtt 92K [VID] 12.Vpn Attacks Practical.mp4 185M [VID] 13.File Servers & Internal Attacks Theory.mp4 42M [TXT] 13.File Servers & Internal Attacks Theory.vtt 34K [VID] 14.File Servers & Internal Attacks Practical.mp4 180M [TXT] 14.File Servers & Internal Attacks Practical.vtt 80K [TXT] 15.UNIX Server Infrastructure Theory.vtt 23K [VID] 15.Unix Server Infrastructure Theory.mp4 30M [TXT] 16.UNIX Server Infrastructure Practical.vtt 105K [VID] 16.Unix Server Infrastructure Practical.mp4 197M [VID] 17.Databases Theory.mp4 30M [TXT] 17.Databases Theory.vtt 24K [VID] 18.Databases Practical hide01.ir.mp4 145M [TXT] 18.Databases Practical hide01.ir.vtt 70K [VID] 19.Web Application Assessments Theory.mp4 35M [TXT] 19.Web Application Assessments Theory.vtt 26K [VID] 20.Web Application Assessments Practical.mp4 221M [TXT] 20.Web Application Assessments Practical.vtt 118K [VID] 21.Windows Enterprise Environments Theory.mp4 42M [TXT] 21.Windows Enterprise Environments Theory.vtt 35K [VID] 22.Windows Enterprise Environments Practical.mp4 185M [TXT] 22.Windows Enterprise Environments Practical.vtt 103K [VID] 23.Art Of Password Cracking Theory.mp4 41M [TXT] 23.Art Of Password Cracking Theory.vtt 33K [VID] 24.Art Of Password Cracking Practical.mp4 30M