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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 1. Get Started with JavaScript .mp4 4.7M [VID] 2. What is JavaScript used for .mp4 22M [VID] 3. Run JavaScript in The Browser Console .mp4 12M [VID] 4. Run JavaScript with HTML .mp4 23M [VID] 5. Run JavaScript with Node.js .mp4 13M [VID] 6. Introduction .mp4 2.8M [VID] 7. Declaring Variables in JavaScript .mp4 20M [VID] 8. If, Else, and Else If in JavaScript .mp4 14M [VID] 9. JavaScript_s Many Different For-Loops .mp4 28M [VID] 10. While-Loops in JavaScript .mp4 12M [VID] 11. Introduction -3.mp4 2.6M [VID] 12. Weak vs. Strong Typing and Dynamic vs. Static Typing .mp4 16M [VID] 13. Numbers in JavaScript .mp4 18M [VID] 14. Strings in JavaScript .mp4 16M [VID] 15. Booleans in JavaScript .mp4 20M [VID] 16. Introduction -5.mp4 2.6M [VID] 17. Objects in JavaScript .mp4 34M [VID] 18. Arrays in JavaScript .mp4 15M [VID] 19. Functions in JavaScript .mp4 23M [VID] 20. BigInts, Symbols, and Undefined in JavaScript .mp4 20M [VID] 21. Introduction -7.mp4 3.1M [VID] 22. Let Variables vs. Var Variables .mp4 23M [VID] 23. Double- and Triple-Equals Comparisons in JavaScript .mp4 25M [VID] 24. Built-in Errors in JavaScript .mp4 23M [VID] 25. Try-Catch Blocks in JavaScript .mp4 13M [VID] 26. Introduction .mp4 2.7M [VID] 27. JavaScript Array Basics .mp4 13M [VID] 28. Using the Spread Operator with Arrays .mp4 23M [VID] 29. Array Equality and Passing by Reference .mp4 24M [VID] 30. Deep-Equals Testing with Arrays .mp4 24M [VID] 31. Introduction .mp4 3.0M [VID] 32. The Array Constructor and .fill Method .mp4 22M [VID] 33. The .shift and .unshift Methods .mp4 14M [VID] 34. The .splice and .slice Methods .mp4 21M [VID] 35. The .toString and .join Methods .mp4 6.9M [VID] 36. The .includes, .indexOf, and .lastIndexOf Methods .mp4 17M [VID] 37. Introduction -3.mp4 2.7M [VID] 38. The .forEach Method .mp4 17M [VID] 39. The .find and .findIndex Methods .mp4 22M [VID] 40. The .filter Method .mp4 16M [VID] 41. The .some and .every Methods .mp4 14M [VID] 42. The .map and .flatMap Methods .mp4 19M [VID] 43. Introduction .mp4 3.4M [VID] 44. JavaScript Object Basics .mp4 15M [VID] 45. The Spread Operator and Object Destructuring .mp4 33M [VID] 46. Object Equality and Passing by Reference .mp4 24M [VID] 47. Deep-Equals Testing with Objects .mp4 34M [VID] 48. Introduction .mp4 2.7M [VID] 49. The .keys and .values Methods .mp4 15M [VID] 50. The .entries and .fromEntries Methods .mp4 21M [VID] 51. The .assign Method .mp4 15M [VID] 52. The .freeze and .isFrozen Methods .mp4 16M [VID] 53. The .preventExtensions and .isExtensible Methods .mp4 14M [VID] 54. Introduction -3.mp4 3.0M [VID] 55. The .reduce Method Basics .mp4 23M [VID] 56. Intermediate .reduce Use Cases .mp4 28M [VID] 57. Advanced .reduce Use Cases .mp4 19M [VID] 58. The .reduceRight Method and Starting Values .mp4 16M [VID] 59. Introduction .mp4 5.7M [VID] 60. Calculate Array Min and Max .mp4 36M [VID] 61. Recreating Built-in Methods with Reduce .mp4 35M [VID] 62. Removing Duplicates .mp4 18M [VID] 63. Introduction .mp4 4.7M [VID] 64. Installing Lodash into a Node.js Project .mp4 23M [VID] 65. Adding Lodash to a Front-end Project .mp4 17M [VID] 66. Calling Basic Lodash Functions .mp4 29M [VID] 67. Extra Array Function Arguments .mp4 16M [VID] 68. Introduction .mp4 2.4M [VID] 69. Main Groups of Lodash Functions .mp4 11M [VID] 70. The .pull and .pullAll Functions .mp4 15M [VID] 71. The .pullAllBy, .pullAllWith, and .pullAt Functions .mp4 34M [VID] 72. The .uniq and .sortedUniq Functions .mp4 29M [VID] 73. Introduction .mp4 3.6M [VID] 74. The Four Main Function Groups .mp4 9.5M [VID] 75. The .intersection Functions .mp4 39M [VID] 76. The .difference Functions .mp4 17M [VID] 77. The .union Functions .mp4 11M [VID] 78. The .xor Functions .mp4 10M [VID] 79. The By Transform Function .mp4 14M [VID] 80. Introduction .mp4 4.1M [VID] 81. JavaScript_s Built-in .sort Method .mp4 9.2M [VID] 82. Sorting with Comparator Functions .mp4 22M [VID] 83. Preventing Array Mutation .mp4 17M [VID] 84. Sorting Arrays of Objects and Arrays .mp4 36M [VID] 85. Lodash Sorting Functions .mp4 20M [VID] 86. Introduction .mp4 2.9M [VID] 87. Basic Function Syntax .mp4 27M [VID] 88. The arguments Object .mp4 21M [VID] 89. Default Arguments in Functions .mp4 17M [VID] 90. Functions Inside Objects .mp4 20M [VID] 91. Introduction .mp4 3.1M [VID] 92. The .flatten, .flattenDeep, and .flattenDepth Functions .mp4 37M [VID] 93. The .chunk and .partition Functions .mp4 34M [VID] 94. The .zip and .unzip Functions .mp4 16M [VID] 95. Introduction .mp4 5.1M [VID] 96. The .toPairs and .fromPairs Functions .mp4 32M [VID] 97. The .zipObject and .zipObjectDeep Functions .mp4 21M [VID] 98. The .countBy and .groupBy Functions .mp4 37M [VID] 99. Introduction -3.mp4 5.1M [VID] 100. Creating New Dates .mp4 24M [VID] 101. Accessing Time Units .mp4 23M [VID] 102. Date Setter Methods .mp4 24M [VID] 103. Introduction .mp4 2.3M [VID] 104. Basic Class Syntax .mp4 29M [VID] 105. Defining Methods and Static Variables .mp4 26M [VID] 106. JavaScript Class Inheritance .mp4 35M [VID] 107. Introduction -3.mp4 3.8M [VID] 108. Pre-ES6 JavaScript Classes .mp4 30M [VID] 109. The instanceof Keyword .mp4 19M [VID] 110. Prototypal Inheritance Basics .mp4 32M [VID] 111. Interfaces in JavaScript .mp4 16M [VID] 112. Introduction -5.mp4 4.0M [VID] 113. The 3 Main Asynchronous Strategies .mp4 15M [VID] 114. Asynchronous Programming with Callbacks .mp4 24M [VID] 115. Callback Examples .mp4 33M [VID] 116. Asynchronous Programming with Promises .mp4 26M [VID] 117. Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await .mp4 12M [VID] 118. Introduction .mp4 3.9M [VID] 119. Setting Up an Express Project .mp4 15M [VID] 120. Creating an Express Server .mp4 19M [VID] 121. Adding Basic Request Handlers .mp4 20M [VID] 122. Separating Express Routes by Path .mp4 25M [VID] 123. Introduction .mp4 4.1M [VID] 124. Handling Different Request Types .mp4 16M [VID] 125. Testing POST, PUT, and DELETE Routes .mp4 24M [VID] 126. Handling a Request Body .mp4 38M [VID] 127. Handling URL and Query Parameters .mp4 26M [VID] 128. Introduction .mp4 3.1M [VID] 129. Methods for Customizing Responses .mp4 35M [VID] 130. Working with Cookies .mp4 27M [VID] 131. Adding Middleware to Express Servers .mp4 43M [VID] 132. Introduction -3.mp4 3.1M [VID] 133. Creating a List Endpoint .mp4 3.3M [VID] 134. Creating a Read Endpoint .mp4 13M [VID] 135. Creating a Search Endpoint .mp4 21M [VID] 136. Creating a Create Endpoint .mp4 23M [VID] 137. Creating Delete and Update Endpoints .mp4 26M [VID] 138. Introduction .mp4 5.0M [VID] 139. In-Depth String Details .mp4 27M [VID] 140. Array-Related String Methods .mp4 36M [VID] 141. Colorizing Strings with Chalk .mp4 14M [VID] 142. Introduction .mp4 6.0M [VID] 143. Basics of the FS Package .mp4 38M [VID] 144. Reading Files .mp4 26M [VID] 145. Writing Data to Files .mp4 22M [VID] 146. Introduction .mp4 5.0M [VID] 147. Command-Line Arguments in Node.js .mp4 30M [VID] 148. Parsing Flags in Command-Line Arguments .mp4 25M [VID] 149. Boolean Flags and Flags with Multiple Values .mp4 29M [VID] 150. Introduction .mp4 7.5M [VID] 151. Getting User Input with Prompts .mp4 26M [VID] 152. The Readline Promises Package .mp4 21M [VID] 153. Strategies for Displaying Multiple Prompts .mp4 25M [VID] 154. Collecting Multi-Line Input .mp4 32M [VID] 155. Introduction .mp4 7.0M [VID] 156. Basic Functions for Console Drawing .mp4 38M [VID] 157. Drawing a Square .mp4 19M [VID] 158. Creating a Draw Rectangle Function .mp4 34M [VID] 159. Introduction .mp4 5.6M [VID] 160. Basic 4-Bit Console Color Syntax .mp4 26M [VID] 161. 8-Bit and RGB Console Color Syntax .mp4 19M [VID] 162. Other Font Decorations .mp4 8.9M [VID] 163. Creating Color Helper Functions .mp4 30M [VID] 164. Introduction -3.mp4 3.4M [VID] 165. Creating a Basic Loading Animation .mp4 38M [VID] 166. Creating an Animated Loading Bar .mp4 31M [VID] 167. Position Adjustments for Animations .mp4 16M [VID] 168. Displaying Progress for Real Tasks .mp4 15M [VID] 169. Introduction -5.mp4 6.6M [VID] 170. Designing the Game .mp4 13M [VID] 171. The Main Game Loop .mp4 26M [VID] 172. Displaying Player Moves on the Grid .mp4 13M [VID] 173. Tracking Player Moves .mp4 17M [VID] 174. Displaying the Tic-Tac-Toe Grid .mp4 13M [VID] 175. Introduction -7.mp4 2.9M [VID] 176. Deciding Who Wins and Ending the Game .mp4 40M [VID] 177. Calculating Vertical, Diagonal, and Corner Wins .mp4 25M [VID] 178. Validating and Parsing User Input .mp4 32M [VID] 179. Introduction -9.mp4 5.9M [VID] 180. Basics of Websockets .mp4 20M [VID] 181. Setting Up A Socket.io Client and Server .mp4 24M [VID] 182. Sending and Handling Socket Events .mp4 20M [VID] 183. Creating a Simple Chat-Room Program .mp4 29M [VID] 184. Introduction 1.mp4 6.1M [VID] 185. Creating Client-Side and Server-Side Programs .mp4 22M [VID] 186. Basic Server-Client Communication Strategy .mp4 19M [VID] 187. Waiting for Other Players to Join .mp4 21M [VID] 188. Hosting Node.js Servers on Heroku .mp4 26M [VID] 189. Introduction 3.mp4 3.0M [VID] 190. Starting the Game and Printing the Grid .mp4 24M [VID] 191. Getting Player Input Remotely .mp4 33M [VID] 192. Ending the Game Remotely .mp4 34M [VID] 193. Validating Input and Releasing Updates .mp4 20M [VID] 194. Introduction 5.mp4 3.9M [VID] 195. Calculating Cats_ Games .mp4 28M [VID] 196. Rethinking the Player Management Strategy .mp4 47M [VID] 197. Managing Multiple Games .mp4 35M [VID] 198. Introduction 7.mp4 4.2M [VID] 199. Making Sure Positions are Empty .mp4 24M [VID] 200. Publishing the Client-Side Script to NPM .mp4 15M [VID] 201. Joining Games by ID .mp4 34M [VID] 202. Handling Different Join Methods .mp4 46M