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[Volver] Parent Directory - [Directorio] LPIC2-202450/ - [VID] 1. Overview.mp4 75M [VID] 2. Installing the BIND DNS Server.mp4 272M [VID] 3. Creating Forward Lookup Zones.mp4 262M [VID] 4. Creating Reverse Lookup Zones.mp4 239M [VID] 5. Troubleshooting DNS.mp4 255M [VID] 6. Suppoting Mail Servers with DNS.mp4 204M [VID] 7. Securing BIND with DNSSEC.mp4 251M [VID] 8. Implementing Transaction Signatures (TSIG).mp4 168M [VID] 9. Installing the Apache Web Server.mp4 255M [VID] 10. Configuring Virtual Servers in Apache.mp4 306M [VID] 11. Redirecting URLs with Apache.mp4 291M [VID] 12. Enabling SSL Encryption with Apache.mp4 232M [VID] 13. Installing the Squid Proxy Server.mp4 207M [VID] 14. Restricting Server Access with Squid.mp4 175M [VID] 15. Enabling User Authentication in Squid.mp4 222M [VID] 16. Implementing Nginx as a Web Server.mp4 180M [VID] 17. Implementing Nginx as a Reverse Proxy.mp4 211M [VID] 18. Configuring a Samba Client.mp4 230M [VID] 19. Integrating Samba with Microsoft Active Directory.mp4 274M [VID] 20. Configuring Shared Folders in Samba.mp4 226M [VID] 21. Building a File Server with Samba.mp4 202M [VID] 22. Configuring a NFS Client.mp4 172M [VID] 23. Building a File Server with NFS.mp4 206M [VID] 24. Controlling Access to NFS Shares.mp4 192M [VID] 25. Building a DHCP Server.mp4 234M [VID] 26. Configuring Multiple Subnets in DHCP.mp4 239M [VID] 27. Building an Authentication Server with OpenLDAP.mp4 253M [VID] 28. Managing Objects in OpenLDAP.mp4 266M [VID] 29. Configuring OpenLDAP with TLS.mp4 204M [VID] 30. Connecting a Client to OpenLDAP.mp4 186M [VID] 31. Building an SMTP Server with Postfix.mp4 277M [VID] 32. Securing Postfix with TLS.mp4 232M [VID] 33. Supporting IMAP and POP3 with Dovecot.mp4 235M [VID] 34. Using Sieve to Filter Email.mp4 267M [VID] 35. Building a Router with iptables.mp4 268M [VID] 35b. Configuring Port Forwarding with iptables.mp4 225M [VID] 36. Using iptables as a Firewall.mp4 220M [VID] 37. Building an FTP Server with vsftpd.mp4 257M [VID] 38. Building an FTP Server with Pure-FTPd.mp4 222M [VID] 39. Restricting Access to SSH.mp4 205M [VID] 40. Enabling Certificate Authentication in SSH.mp4 228M [VID] 41. Blocking Brute Force Attacks with fail2ban.mp4 259M [VID] 42. Scanning for Open Ports with nmap.mp4 217M [VID] 43. Building a VPN Server with OpenVPN.mp4 206M [VID] 44. Configuring an OpenVPN Client.mp4 183M