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[Volver] Parent Directory - [Directorio] BIA Activity/ - [Directorio] Case Study/ - [Directorio] Markdown Files for Learner Notes/ - [Directorio] Other Materials/ - [VID] 1. Course Overview.mp4 81M [VID] 2. NIST Cybersecurity and Publications.mp4 284M [VID] 3. NIST Relationships.mp4 212M [VID] 4. NIST CSF _ RMF Overview.mp4 199M [VID] 5. NIST CSF Core, Tiers, and Profiles.mp4 163M [VID] 6. The Vocabulary of Risk.mp4 212M [VID] 7. NIST Frameworks _ Standards Case Study.mp4 176M [VID] 8. NIST Core Review and Identify Function Overview.mp4 186M [VID] 9. Inventory of Critical Assets.mp4 236M [VID] 10. Business Impact Assessment.mp4 221M [VID] 11. Security Policies and Procedures.mp4 191M [VID] 12. NIST Core Review and Protect Function Overview.mp4 91M [VID] 13. Awareness _ Training.mp4 160M [VID] 14. Access Control.mp4 181M [VID] 15. Protective Technology - Network.mp4 207M [VID] 16. Protective Technology - Systems.mp4 192M [VID] 17. Data Security and Encryption.mp4 195M [VID] 18. Maintenance.mp4 152M [VID] 19. Personnel and Physical Security.mp4 166M [VID] 20. System Auditing and Logging.mp4 247M [VID] 21. Monitoring and Alerting.mp4 228M [VID] 22. Assessments.mp4 228M [VID] 23. Response Planning.mp4 244M [VID] 24. Incident Response Plan Examples.mp4 266M [VID] 25. Digital Forensics.mp4 209M [VID] 26. Response Training and Testing.mp4 275M [VID] 27. Mitigation and Improvements.mp4 124M [VID] 28. Continuity of Operations Plan.mp4 193M [VID] 29. Backup and Recovery.mp4 240M [VID] 30. Virtualization and the Cloud.mp4 132M [VID] 31. NIST RMF Overview _ Preparation.mp4 131M [VID] 32. A Risk-Based Approach to Security.mp4 172M [VID] 33. The RMF Preparation Step.mp4 166M [VID] 34. System Security Plan (SSP).mp4 169M [VID] 35. Categorizing Information Systems.mp4 171M [VID] 36. Establishing Scope.mp4 217M [VID] 37. The RMF Categorize Step.mp4 122M [VID] 38. Categorization Risk Analysis.mp4 144M [VID] 39. Selecting Security Controls.mp4 149M [VID] 40. NIST Control Documents.mp4 220M [VID] 41. Setting and Tailoring Control Baselines.mp4 192M [VID] 42. Control Allocation and Monitoring.mp4 223M [VID] 43. Documentation and Approval.mp4 265M [VID] 44. Security Control Implementation.mp4 215M [VID] 45. Common Controls.mp4 188M [VID] 46. Documenting Controls.mp4 235M [VID] 47. NIST RMF Assessment Step and Process.mp4 169M [VID] 48. Assessment Plan.mp4 202M [VID] 49. Conducting the Assessment.mp4 190M [VID] 50. Analyzing Assessment Results.mp4 143M [VID] 51. Assessment Documentation.mp4 209M [VID] 52. Risk Remediation.mp4 193M [VID] 53. System Authorization.mp4 125M [VID] 54. Risk Response.mp4 118M [VID] 55. Monitoring Controls Step.mp4 170M [VID] 56. Change Management and Configuration Control.mp4 171M [VID] 57. System Disposal (EOL).mp4 171M