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[Volver] Parent Directory - [Directorio] 1. Getting Started/ - [Directorio] 2. C2 Infrastructure/ - [Directorio] 3. Windows APIs/ - [Directorio] 4. Process Injection/ - [Directorio] 5. Defence Evasion/ - [Directorio] 6. Attack Surface Reduction/ - [Directorio] 7. Windows Defender Application Control/ - [Directorio] 8. EDR Evasion/ - [IMG] 1. Course Introduction.png 267K [IMG] 2. Accessing Snap Labs.png 45K [IMG] 3. Accessing Snap Labs.png 11K [IMG] 4. Accessing Snap Labs.png 33K [IMG] 5. Accessing Snap Labs.png 5.2K [IMG] 8. Apache Installation.png 26K [IMG] 9. Generate SSL Certificates.png 27K [IMG] 10. HTTPS Listener for Redirector.png 15K [IMG] 11. User Agent Rules.png 8.0K [IMG] 12. C2 Resiliency.png 10K [IMG] 13. C2 Resiliency.png 26K [IMG] 14. External C2.png 15K [IMG] 15. External C2.png 5.2K [IMG] 16. MessageBox in C++.png 16K [IMG] 17. MessageBox in C++.png 14K [IMG] 18. MessageBox in C#.png 14K [IMG] 19. Ordinals.png 45K [IMG] 20. Ordinals.png 37K [IMG] 21. MessageBox in VBA.png 6.0K [IMG] 22. DInvoke.png 17K [IMG] 23. MessageBox with DInvoke.png 50K [IMG] 24. CreateThread.png 72K [IMG] 25. CreateRemoteThread.png 71K [IMG] 26. QueueUserAPC.png 71K [IMG] 27. NtMapViewOfSection.png 71K [IMG] 28. SpawnTo.png 3.9K [IMG] 29. SpawnTo.png 17K [IMG] 30. SpawnTo.png 3.5K [IMG] 31. PPID Spoofing.png 32K [IMG] 32. PPID Spoofing.png 3.1K [IMG] 33. PPID Spoofing.png 11K [IMG] 34. Command Line Spoofing.png 8.9K [IMG] 35. Command Line Spoofing.png 9.6K [IMG] 36. Command Line Spoofing.png 16K [IMG] 37. Session Prepping.png 69K [IMG] 38. Session Prepping.png 6.0K [IMG] 39. Session Prepping.png 70K [IMG] 40. Session Prepping.png 6.4K [IMG] 41. Session Prepping.png 2.8K [IMG] 42. Session Prepping.png 2.7K [IMG] 43. Session Prepping.png 3.7K [IMG] 44. Image Load Events.png 19K [IMG] 45. Event Tracing for Windows (ETW).png 14K [IMG] 46. Event Tracing for Windows (ETW).png 15K [IMG] 47. RWX _ Cleanup.png 71K [IMG] 48. RWX _ Cleanup.png 20K [IMG] 49. RWX _ Cleanup.png 2.9K [IMG] 50. Sleep Mask Kit.png 14K [IMG] 51. Sleep Mask Kit.png 2.3K [IMG] 52. Sleep Mask Kit.png 81K [IMG] 53. Sleep Mask Kit.png 20K [IMG] 54. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 48K [IMG] 55. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 6.6K [IMG] 56. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 6.2K [IMG] 57. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 14K [IMG] 58. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 15K [IMG] 59. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 7.5K [IMG] 60. Thread Stack Spoofing.png 2.7K [IMG] 61. Block Child Processes.png 14K [IMG] 62. Block Child Processes.png 17K [IMG] 63. Block Child Processes.png 15K [IMG] 64. Block Child Processes.png 3.5K [IMG] 65. Block Child Processes.png 7.9K [IMG] 66. Block Child Processes.png 13K [IMG] 67. Block Win32 APIs.png 6.8K [IMG] 68. Block Win32 APIs.png 12K [IMG] 69. Block Win32 APIs.png 17K [IMG] 70. Block Code Injection.png 28K [IMG] 71. Block Code Injection.png 69K [IMG] 72. Block PsExecWMI.png 13K [IMG] 73. Block PsExecWMI.png 166K [IMG] 74. Block PsExecWMI.png 13K [IMG] 75. Block PsExecWMI.png 89K [IMG] 76. Trusted Applications.png 13K [IMG] 77. Trusted Signers.png 17K [IMG] 78. Trusted Signers.png 17K [IMG] 79. Trusted Signers.png 11K [IMG] 80. Trusted Signers.png 3.6K [IMG] 81. Trusted Signers.png 7.9K [IMG] 82. Trusted Signers.png 9.2K [IMG] 83. Trusted Signers.png 15K