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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 3 - Creating VMs and Downloading Evaluation Copies of Windows Servers and Clients.mp4 144M [Fichero PDF] 3 - The-Comprehensive-Active-D-Directory-Penetration-Testing-Lab.pdf 4.5M [VID] 4 - Installing Windows Server 2019 as root Domain.mp4 34M [VID] 5 - Installing ADDS on ROOTDC01.mp4 25M [VID] 6 - Installing and Configuring Sql Server on ROOTDC01.mp4 187M [VID] 7 - Installing and Configuring the Child Domain.mp4 96M [VID] 8 - Installing TRUSTEDDC03 for Forest Trust.mp4 82M [VID] 9 - Installing and Configuring Sql Server on TRUSTEDDC03.mp4 98M [VID] 10 - Installing and Configuring WIndows 10 Client Machine.mp4 110M [VID] 11 - Building Metasploitable3 on Windows Server 2008.mp4 102M [VID] 12 - Configuring Trust Relationship between Forests.mp4 121M [VID] 13 - Creating Domain Users.mp4 140M [VID] 14 - Creating Groups and GPO.mp4 72M [VID] 15 - Foreign Group Membership Configuration.mp4 31M [VID] 16 - Creating Mssql Server logins Databases and login Impersonation.mp4 58M