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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001 Introduction.mp4 20M [TXT] 001 Introduction_en.srt 6.4K [VID] 002 Flick App and Feeds.mp4 86M [TXT] 002 Flick App and Feeds_en.srt 22K [VID] 003 Json and Mini challenge.mp4 124M [TXT] 003 Json and Mini challenge_en.srt 20K [VID] 004 Log Tag and Companion Objects.mp4 114M [TXT] 004 Log Tag and Companion Objects_en.srt 21K [TXT] 005 Kotlin top-level constants.html 2.0K [VID] 006 Download JSON - doInBackground.mp4 67M [TXT] 006 Download JSON - doInBackground_en.srt 15K [VID] 007 Downloading the JSON.mp4 85M [TXT] 007 Downloading the JSON_en.srt 18K [VID] 008 CallBacks.mp4 107M [TXT] 008 CallBacks_en.srt 21K [VID] 009 Project Diagram and Photo Class.mp4 45M [TXT] 009 Project Diagram and Photo Class_en.srt 11K [VID] 010 GetFlickJsonData class.mp4 158M [TXT] 010 GetFlickJsonData class_en.srt 26K [VID] 011 GetFlickrJsonData class continued.mp4 131M [TXT] 011 GetFlickrJsonData class continued_en.srt 24K [VID] 012 Uri Builder.mp4 84M [TXT] 012 Uri Builder_en.srt 15K [VID] 013 Flickr Browser User Inferface.mp4 49M [TXT] 013 Flickr Browser User Inferface_en.srt 18K [VID] 014 RecyclerView Layouts.mp4 67M [TXT] 014 RecyclerView Layouts_en.srt 23K [VID] 015 Finishing Browse Layout.mp4 32M [TXT] 015 Finishing Browse Layout_en.srt 8.7K [VID] 016 Search and PhotoDetail Activities.mp4 52M [TXT] 016 Search and PhotoDetail Activities_en.srt 14K [VID] 017 Nested Layouts.mp4 67M [TXT] 017 Nested Layouts_en.srt 23K [VID] 018 Recyclerview Adapter.mp4 129M [TXT] 018 Recyclerview Adapter_en.srt 24K [VID] 019 onBindViewHolder and Picasso.mp4 122M [TXT] 019 onBindViewHolder and Picasso_en.srt 20K [VID] 020 Associate Adapter to Recyclerview.mp4 49M [TXT] 020 Associate Adapter to Recyclerview_en.srt 9.2K [VID] 021 RecyclerItemClickListener.mp4 173M [TXT] 021 RecyclerItemClickListener_en.srt 24K [VID] 022 GestureDetector.mp4 146M [TXT] 022 GestureDetector_en.srt 21K [VID] 023 Displaying the full photo.mp4 133M [TXT] 023 Displaying the full photo_en.srt 22K [VID] 024 Serializable.mp4 111M [TXT] 024 Serializable_en.srt 22K [VID] 025 Modify Photo Details Activity.mp4 39M [TXT] 025 Modify Photo Details Activity_en.srt 7.8K [TXT] 026 Update for later version of Kotlin.html 1.0K [VID] 027 Parcelable.mp4 54M [TXT] 027 Parcelable_en.srt 13K [VID] 028 Material Design.mp4 66M [TXT] 028 Material Design_en.srt 20K [VID] 029 More on Material Design.mp4 45M [TXT] 029 More on Material Design_en.srt 15K [VID] 030 AppCompat - Backwards Compatibility.mp4 30M [TXT] 030 AppCompat - Backwards Compatibility_en.srt 10K [VID] 031 Style Sheets.mp4 71M [TXT] 031 Style Sheets_en.srt 18K [VID] 032 Custom Style Sheets.mp4 82M [TXT] 032 Custom Style Sheets_en.srt 19K [VID] 033 Namespaces.mp4 79M [TXT] 033 Namespaces_en.srt 17K [VID] 034 Other Material Design Changes.mp4 102M [TXT] 034 Other Material Design Changes_en.srt 14K [TXT] 035 Missing Style Editor video.html 324 [VID] 036 Differences in API Levels.mp4 19M [TXT] 036 Differences in API Levels_en.srt 13K [VID] 037 String Resources.mp4 50M [TXT] 037 String Resources_en.srt 16K [VID] 038 String Resources Placeholders.mp4 68M [TXT] 038 String Resources Placeholders_en.srt 15K [VID] 039 Adding the Search Feature.mp4 31M [TXT] 039 Adding the Search Feature_en.srt 7.2K [VID] 040 SearchView.mp4 71M [TXT] 040 SearchView_en.srt 20K [VID] 041 More on SearchView.mp4 120M [TXT] 041 More on SearchView_en.srt 16K [VID] 042 SearchView Events.mp4 87M [TXT] 042 SearchView Events_en.srt 14K [TXT] 043 Deprecation of framework PreferenceManager class.html 1.0K [VID] 044 SharedPreferences.mp4 69M [TXT] 044 SharedPreferences_en.srt 14K [VID] 045 Telling Fibs.mp4 54M [TXT] 045 Telling Fibs_en.srt 12K [TXT] external-assets-links.txt 6.8K