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[Volver] Parent Directory - [VID] 001-Lab-Setup.mp4 102M [Fichero PDF] 001-Lab-Setup.pdf 92K [Fichero PDF] 002-What-is-Assembly-Language.pdf 727K [VID] 002-What-is-assembly-language.mp4 157M [VID] 003-CPU-Information.mp4 110M [Fichero PDF] 003-CPU-Information.pdf 792K [VID] 004-GDB-Test-Solution.mp4 65M [Fichero PDF] 004-GDB-Test-Solution.pdf 242K [VID] 005-CPU-Registers.mp4 163M [Fichero PDF] 005-module-1-cpu-registers.pdf 781K [VID] 006-Hello-World-64-asm.mp4 157M [Fichero PDF] 006-hello-world.pdf 510K [Fichero PDF] 007-Hello-World-GDB.pdf 1.1M [VID] 008-Reducing-instruction-size-removing-nulls.mp4 120M [Fichero PDF] 008-Reducing-instruction-size-removing-nulls.pdf 724K [VID] 009-data-types.mp4 154M [Fichero PDF] 009-data-types.pdf 604K [VID] 010-Endianess.mp4 122M [Fichero PDF] 010-Endianess.pdf 472K [VID] 011-GDB-tui-mode.mp4 78M [Fichero PDF] 011-GDB-tui-mode.pdf 594K [VID] 012-moving-data.mp4 177M [Fichero PDF] 012-moving-data.pdf 680K [VID] 013-the-stack.mp4 129M [Fichero PDF] 013-the-stack.pdf 433K [VID] 014-Arithmetic-Operations.mp4 118M [Fichero PDF] 014-Arithmetic-Operations.pdf 562K [VID] 015-Logical-Operations.mp4 123M [Fichero PDF] 015-Logical-Operations.pdf 440K [VID] 016-Bitshifting-operations.mp4 124M [Fichero PDF] 016-Bitshifting-operations.pdf 665K [VID] 017-control-instructions.mp4 109M [Fichero PDF] 017-control-instructions.pdf 442K [VID] 018-loops.mp4 65M [Fichero PDF] 018-loops.pdf 443K [VID] 019-Procedures.mp4 104M [Fichero PDF] 019-Procedures.pdf 442K [VID] 020-stack-frame-procedures.mp4 83M [VID] 021-scan-compare-strings.mp4 89M [VID] 022-load-store-move-strings.mp4 122M [Fichero PDF] 022-load-store-move-strings.pdf 441K [TXT] Arithmetic-64.nasm 893 [TXT] BitShifting-64.nasm 636 [   ] Control-64.nasm 573 [TXT] Logical-64.nasm 821 [   ] Loop-64.nasm 498 [TXT] MovingData-64.nasm 1.2K [   ] Procedure.nasm 635 [   ] Procedure2.nasm 704 [TXT] Stack.nasm 483 [TXT] Strings-64.nasm 793 [TXT] Strings2-64.nasm 638 [Fichero comrpimido] gdbtest.zip 3.1K [TXT] main.c 137 [Fichero PDF] scan-compare-strings.pdf 441K